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covet: (MUSIC [baezdylan] and that was ↓) (Default)
  • MUSIC [baezdylan] and that was ↓
Comment: called love for the workers in song, probably still is for those of them left @ x_prettieststar
covet: (BAMBI [bunnypile] filling the days ↓)
  • BAMBI [bunnypile] filling the days ↓
Comment: with love seventy ways @ __paperdreams
covet: (FLM [prettyinpink] truth is i love you ↓)
  • FLM [prettyinpink] truth is i love you ↓
Comment: its just twisted, into a you you didn't know existed @ greeneyes_icons
covet: (FLM [enchanted] it never seems ↓)
  • FLM [enchanted] it never seems ↓
Comment: to happen in real life @ everyonelineup
covet: (TV [ros] lets talk about spaceships ↓)
  • TV [ros] lets talk about spaceships ↓
Comment: or anything except you and me, okay @ colorwave
covet: (TV [skns] i hear footsteps in the dark ↓)
  • TV [skns] i hear footsteps in the dark ↓
Comment: when you hijack my heart @marycontraire
covet: (BUFFY [buff] with a bulletproof heart ↓)
  • BUFFY [buff] with a bulletproof heart ↓
Comment: why is your life such a mess? @ x_prettieststar
covet: (GIRL [jenm] crazy in the coconut ↓)
  • GIRL [jenm] crazy in the coconut ↓
Comment: what does that mean? that boy needs therapy @wingofsilence
covet: (HOUSE [amber] many dreams on the shelf ↓)
  • HOUSE [amber] many dreams on the shelf ↓
Comment: you say i wanted you to be proud, i always wanted that myself @ Opera_house
covet: (HOUSE [amber] not your ordinary ↓)
  • HOUSE [amber] not your ordinary ↓
Comment: average every day sane psycho super goddess @little_boxes
covet: (HOUSE [chore] chocolate bear ↓)
  • HOUSE [chore] chocolate bear ↓
Comment: the crowd will always talk and stare @ elena_hepburn
covet: (BOY [milo] it is easter in the town ↓)
  • BOY [milo] it is easter in the town ↓
Comment: I can hear as they strike off the bell @ wonderfalls
covet: (BOY [jesse] and i cannot be hurt ↓)
  • BOY [jesse] and i cannot be hurt ↓
Comment: by anything this wicked world has done @ atomicbeauty_nb
covet: (HOUSE [chase] do i divide and fall ↓)
  • HOUSE [chase] do i divide and fall ↓
Comment: apart? cause my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark @ easilyfound
covet: (girl [DI] every day we wake up ↓)
  • girl [DI] every day we wake up ↓
Comment: we choose love we choose light and we try, it's too easy just to fall apart @ camelgraphics