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{we both know what memories can bring}

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Name:and then she woke up
Birthdate:Jul 31
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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011000100110100101101110011000010111001001111001, all sorts of things, amber/chase, anastasia, angels, angels in america, anime, aslan, aspiring to eightness, assorted gods, autumn reeser, baby sweetcorn, batman, being a kuchiki, bleach, buffy, buffy st marie, buffy the vampire slayer, bunnies, burimyu, caravaggio, care bear stare, catbus, chobits, choreman, chris/jal, cooking with kuldeep, cosplay, cowboys on ice, criminal minds, dalemark, dead like me, delirium, desire, diana wynne jones, dianna wynne jones, disguises, doujinshi, east of the sun, electra, endless, ergo proxy, ergo/real, everyone tops chase, everything is illuminated, fairytales, feathers, firefly, flight of the concords, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, ginkira, gormenghast, gotham's greatest boners, haru/yuki, heathers, heroes, hitsuchiru, hollowichigo, hollowichigo/arrancarrukia, hot cosplayers, house, hugs, ichigo, ichigo/rukia, ichiruki, ichirukiren, ishiah, ishida/nemu, japanese, jesse spencer, joan baez, john webster, kanji, kira, kitty ears, leda and the swan, leonard cohen, less than three, lucifer, maes hughes, manga, market kitchen, martin millar, masks, matisse, matthew gray gubler, maxxie oliver, mazikeen, men with violins, mice, my kitties, my little pony, narnia, neil gaiman, no happy endings, not harry potter, not pwp, oscar wilde, painted wooden tulips, plushies, rachel bilson, rainbow brite, rainbows, rangiku, real mayer, real/vincent, reaper, renji, reno of the turks, renruki, riza hawkeye, robert chase, robin goodfellow, robin/ishiah, rose walker, royai, rufus wainwright, rukia, serenity, seth/summer, sid and nancy, simon/river, skins, souma hatsuharu, souma yuki, spencer reid, stars, sugar mice, the it crowd, the oc, the sandman, the sarah connor chronicles, the white devil, tony/maxxie, totoro, troilus and cressida, waikikamukau?, west of the moon, wigs, wilson/chase, wings, wonder woman, xxx holic, your vagina is haunted

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